After Ember received her Culinary Degree from Le Cordon Bleu, she worked in several kitchens and found that the real enjoyment to cooking wasn't in the recipe you were handed but in the creations that you pieced together yourself. Ember started to find delicious food pairings in different ways that sometimes went against the 'typical' style of cooking. Instead of letting this slow her down, it drove her to challenge herself more . . .soon enough her love of drinking found it's way into the kitchen and she became an expert of matchmaking; that is, the matchmaking of Cocktail Cooking. With her Minnesota School of Bartending Degree and working as a bartender in different establishments, it gave her the opportunity to share these new delicious drinks with eager customers who would always ask how she came to create these ideas. Her response was simply that being comfortable in your own environment gives you a space to try out new ideas. She will be the first to admit that not every meal is a success but when it's YOUR kitchen and YOUR creation - there's excitement in every challenge. "Not to mention, when you're cooking with cocktails - there's always a strong drink to turn to!", says Ember.

Ember has been working to break barriers not only in the kitchen but she's also going against the grain in other areas as well, by being a plus-sized model/actress she supports body positivity and encourages people to be their most authentic selves ember.23