Fresh to Frozen and Back with Diane Henderiks 1

Fresh to Frozen and Back with Diane Henderiks 4
November 23, 2018
Fresh to Frozen and Back with Diane Henderiks 2
November 23, 2018

As one of America’s most versatile, experienced and educated culinary professionals, Diane Henderiks is on a mission to teach new levels of cooking and eating well – while enjoying every minute of it! Via appearances on national television shows such as Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, ABC News, CBS News, and The Chew, plus contributions to The Daily Meal. As a personal chef, Diane shares her respected culinary and nutritional expertise for those of us cooking at home, on her blog. With her technical background as a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, fitness coach, and private chef for celebrities, Diane provides a wealth of knowledge for the home cook to take ordinary ingredients to new culinary heights.​ She makes it easily doable to whip up amazing dishes with her creative, healthy recipes. “Any dish can be revamped to be good for you, it just takes a little education and finesse!” Her message rings true. Diane has also appeared on the CBS Early Show, Good Day New York, Martha Stewart Radio and has been featured in Shape Magazine and the New York Times.

Diane is the host of Fresh to Frozen and Back on ROKU and co-founder of Dig In with Chef Diane Henderiks, the first of its kind monthly subscription box blending gardening with culinary. She is an advisory board member for the American Vegetarian Association and the Hudson County Community College Culinary Arts Institute and on the Culinary Council for Chefs Society, an organization focused on educating about the health benefits and flavors of Korean fermentation and cuisine