Josette Franklin

Celebrity event chef Josette Franklin launches her signature line of marinade and recipes in Los Angeles. This is also the “kick off” for the filming of her pilot show “From the Islands with Love” destination cooking show that will be filmed on location in Barbados and some of the surrounding islands of the Caribbean. The show is slated to air on American Public Television as a part of their popular Create network.

The show will take viewers into the daily lives of some of the local residents and introduce them to the exotic lifestyles while she prepares foods that reflect the culture, history and festivals that are inherent to the islands.

Each week the show will take viewers on a journey that shows some of the more colorful festivals and rituals of island life. She will prepare some of the more exotic dishes and apply a Caribbean “flair” to some of the old standards of everyday life. The show will breath a breath of fresh air into the travel and destination shows, reaching a more diverse and culturally curious market that reflect the new direction in cuisine and travel.

This show will help to promote the growing island culture and potentially expose sponsors to a new world of clients. From the island with love will serve a market that has been overlooked. All media is invited to attend and enjoy a taste of the island prepared with love by Chef Josette Franklin.

The History of JoZest

In the early 1900’s a young man and his wife migrated to the U.S. from Barbados (Christ Church & St. Phillips) to start a family to pursue their American dream in New Jersey, Joseph Franklin and Josephine Moe, my grandparents.

They settled in the North East of the United States. While my grandmother raised their three children, my grandfather worked as a Chef at a fine dining restaurant, became an ordained Reverend of his own church and invested in local Real Estate. Routinely after church services on Sunday, holidays and birthdays there was family dinner. He prepared typical Bajan dishes and desserts for many years.

Several years after my grandparents passed way, I discovered a box with a notebook and handwritten recipes. I took the box and decided to prepare the various dishes and share with my friends. The recipes were from the Caribbean. They were flavorful and full of zest. In addition, during this culinary venture I discovered additional handwritten notes in the margin. They were the ingredients to a marinade I tried it with chicken, beef and pork; each with a charge flavor, but still encased its own individual taste. I read recipes and prepared various meals over a two-month span. Rave revues went to the grilled chicken salad.

After research, the manufacturing process began. The birth of a new business was born. Taste tests were set up with hope and the determination to put this marinade in every kitchen next to the ketchup and mustard ready for next backyard barbeque.

After several years of tasting, testing, and research, I still have not identified the flavor of JoZest. I know it is not a hot sauce and it is not a barbecue sauce. It is definitely in a league of its own. Just call it, JoZest, at least for now.

During this creative process, several labels designed and various names suggested. So now, on behalf of our family, we went to share our new Bajan treasure and call it, “JoZest Gourmet Marinade and Grilling Sauce.” Experience the flavor of the Caribbean in your home.